What’s in the box?

  • Kimbo Espresso Napoletano, 8.8 oz Brick
  • Café Pilon, 10 oz Brick
  • 3 Cup Bialetti Moka Express, brews 4.4 oz
  • (2) Espresso Cups, 2.5 oz each
  • (2) Stainless Steel Demitasse Spoons
  • (6) Individually wrapped Chocolate Biscotti

Espresso cups colors vary and may not be as shown.

(We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.)

International Epicurean Espresso Gift Box


This all inclusive gift box is all one needs for a truly luxurious espresso experience. Featuring the Bialetti Moka Express, guaranteed to brew a rich, velvety, and aromatic espresso the way Italians intended it to be. For an authentic Neapolitan experience, I have selected Kimbo Espresso Napoletano. Born in Naples, Italy and internationally acclaimed, this coffee is prized for its dark, full bodied roast and intense flavor. To switch things up a bit, I’ve added Café Pilon, a century old Cuban roast that brews equally as well in the Bialetti Moka Express. I’ve topped off the box with two colorful espresso cups and saucers, elegant demitasse spoons, and a handful of Nonna Annunziata’s Cantucci d’Abruzzo - chocolate biscotti. No matter how you brew it, this box is sure to please.

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